2022 Winner

Ms Yik Lai Ting

Title: Associate
Company: Hirsch Bedner Associates
Design Philosophy:

Ting devotes herself in interior design and practices it with great enthusiasm over 15 years. Ting likes to travel around the world with a curiosity mind to explore different cultures and brings endless inspiration from life to each project. She is good at transforming an abstract concept into a three-dimensional space and create unique spatial experience each time. Ting believes our space has a great impact on people’s mindset and behavior. It is our responsibility to as designer to bring out the best to people. As a leader of the team in the global hospitality design firm, Ting leads her team with strong passion. She mentors her team to pay great attention to space planning, details, materials and lightings to create a total spatial experience. Ting enjoys pushing the boundaries of new design ideas and exploring new creative methods. She encourages her team to grow and unlash their full potential to success. Ting’s most recent signature projects include: Intercontinental Hotel Foshan Sagewood Hotel Branding Clubmed Hotel Lijiang Ganzhou Greenland Sales office Ting has the great honor of winning the Spark Design Award 2020 and A&D Trophy Awards 2017