2022 Winner

Ms Vivian Cheung

Title: Head of Property Development
Company: Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited
Design Philosophy:

“Design is more than creating something aesthetically pleasing. It is all about people.” Vivian is a registered architect as well as an Authorized Person in Hong Kong. Currently being the Head of Property Development, Vivian is one of the youngest executives of Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited (HSH), an established local developer with over 70 years in Hong Kong. Her leadership sails one of her latest residential projects, Madera Garden, winning two Silver Architectural Design Awards in recognition of the bold design and innovative technologies pioneered in Hong Kong. Caring for peoples’ wellbeing, Vivian has the audacity to always try something new in every single project to make a difference. Her human-centric design approach has also won her Special Mention Award in the HKIA Furniture Design Competition back in 2017. Apart from being recognized for her achievements in the design field, Vivian is also being valued for her services as the Chairman of the Owners’ Committee. Her efforts in improving the quality of the living environment proved and earned herself being re-elected as the Chairman again for the next term, marking her 5th year of contributions to the community. Vivian’s heart for the social interest also moves HSH to become the Venue Partner of UABB 2022. Graduated from HKU and UCL, together with her 10+ years of working experience in both Hong Kong and London, Vivian has her multidisciplinary design portfolio spread across Hong Kong, Wuhan, London, Abu Dhabi, etc. from single commercial/ residential/ industrial tower to complex masterplanning. Vivian believes that architect is the creator who design spatial experience according to how people are envisaged to enjoy being in that space and in turn be inspired by that environment through light, material and technology. Vivian’s passion shall continue exerting a constructive influence on the architectural industry leading into the sustainable future.