2022 Winner

Mr Tat Lai Wong

Title: Co-founder
Company: ARTA Architects Limited
Design Philosophy:

Tat believes that design has the power to inspire, create change, unite the community, and to promote sustainability. In pursuit of his vision and goals, he has completed a diverse range of project typologies, ranging from large scale architectural projects to art installations and community designs. The Harbour Wave installation, that consists of over 30,000 plastic bottle caps has served as an educational tool to the public on the importance of sustainability, and the Symphony of North Point installation uses sound as a tool to encourage inter-generational interaction within the community of North Point. His determination and innovative thinking has ensured the realisation of ground-breaking projects in Hong Kong where building regulations often limits design possibilities. After graduating with a Master of Architecture from the University of Hong Kong, he has gone on to become a HKIA/ARB registered architect with over 10 years of experience at renowned architectural practices such as Aedas, where he was lead design and project architect of multiple innovative and award-winning projects in the hospitality, commercial and residential sector. In 2021, Tat co-founded ARTA Architects, an award-winning design studio that believes that through their work in the different design disciplines of architecture, interior, art installations and social design, they are continually inspired by each typology in their ongoing quest to evolve and expand their creative minds. In the short space of a year and a half, him and the team have won numerous awards such as the Better Future - Hong Kong Design Awards, Longlist of Dezeen Awards, and Golden Pin Design Award for projects that have made a social and sustainable contribution to the design profession in Hong Kong. His adaptability, versatility, and persistence stand him in good stead as he continues to pursue his passion of using design as a tool to create change.