2022 Winner

Mr Eduardo Hidalgo

Title: Associate Director
Company: AECOM
Design Philosophy:

I believe that Architecture is a way to create value and build communities inside our cities. My design process strives to be a pathway for dialogue among different actors with different visions to achieve, together, an urban object that all could be proud of and I see architecture as a tool for improving both the quality of life of a society and the environment in which the physical object exists. Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, I want my designs to stand out for their elegant, bold, pure, and balanced forms. The most important focus points for every project that I work on are sustainability, design quality, client satisfaction, attention to context, flexibility, efficiency, elegance, and beauty, but I can only manage the most difficult challenges through collaboration with my colleagues and mentors. As our industry has evolved into a highly specialized service, I’ve realized that the idea of the lone architect that does everything alone is a long-gone concept, and I’m convinced that only those who can work well in larger teams, learn from others, and share their knowledge will succeed. Over the past 13 years, I have worked with a number of world-class practices in Italy, Germany, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, and China. As a result of those collaborations, I’ve won several high-profile competitions in urban planning, high-rise towers, office parks, cultural centers, and renovation projects. I believe that this type of award is more about recognizing an individual’s ability to work well in the interests of others and to work together with designers, developers, researchers, and strategists to create truly outstanding projects.