2022 Winner

Mr Lichen Ding

Title: Founder & Chief Designer
Company: DLCA Architects
Design Philosophy:

I am an architectural designer with over a decade of multi-faceted experience in the industry. Focusing on social issues and contemporary culture, the project types include architecture and renovation, interior space, exhibition, art installation design and other aspects. Committed to futurism concept and Oriental humanistic spirit of the conceptual perspective, through the critical thinking approach, trying to design the result as a ""experience containers"", and expect it to ""reflect the current space needs"" in the public level. In my opinion, at present, there is no need to produce too many new buildings, and what is more needed is reasonable architectural transformation. The rationality of architecture should become a topic to be put forward again, and the ""new and old buildings"" should be reviewed from this perspective. As a participant in the contemporary rapidly changing urban environment, I take the initiative to intervene in the design to realize the organic connection between nature, city, history and humanity, so as to achieve the balance between artistic quality and architectural functionality, improve the attributes of the original environment and create beneficial value. In recent years, my team and I have won many awards at home and abroad, including Gold Key Award, iF Design Award, A’Design Award, The Prix Versailles, German Design Award, German Iconic Design Award, Hospitality Design Award, Asia Design Prize, K Design Award, Singapore Interior Design Awards, London International Creative Competition, The Architecture Master Prize, etc. At the same time, I was also invited to serve as a judge of many international competitions, including A’Design Awards in Italy, Golden Trezzini Awards in Russia, TITAN Property Awards in the United States, and Built Design Awards in Switzerland. I see myself a qualified candidate if 40 under 40 is looking for young yet well matured, distinguished creative minds for the time. Thanks.