2022 Winner

Mr Simon Ho

Title: Senior Associate
Company: Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd
Design Philosophy:

There is art in Architecture, but Architecture is not art Art is creative expression intended to provoke questions and individual interpretation. Art is inspiring, emotional and important, but does not fill a specific need beyond humanities’ desire to express itself. Architecture, on the other hand, is a creative process intended to solve a problem, to fill a need for the people that will ultimately interact with it. Architecture should not be open to interpretation, but instead should define how it is to be engaged with and should guide a user at each stage of that engagement. “Art creates questions, Architecture creates answers. “ My interest in architecture began early on in my life, from the time, in fact, of growing up among the skyscrapers of Hong Kong which I found fascinating even as a child. When the opportunity of being sent to school in England arose, I very much looked forward to exploring the architecture and people of another country. This experience has fed my ambition to pursue a career in architecture. As for my personal qualities, I am enthusiastic and I have always welcomed the opportunity to take the fresh challenge. One of my great assets, I believe, to be an innovative design Architect, you need to be a good listener, observer and more important to be a good learner. By having a good interaction and communication skills and I’m confident I would be able to make a significant contribution in a number of areas in the field of Architecture and I hope that my abilities will prove adequate for a successful career and deserve to be among the 40 under 40 winners.