2022 Winner

Mr Shuli Sun

Title: Founding Partner and Chief Architect
Company: MUDO Architects
Design Philosophy:

Sun Shuli is a RIBA Chartered Architect, LEED AP. He was born in 1988 and graduated from The University of Melbourne as a Master of Architecture in 2011. After graduation, he spent years working in Australia and China before co-founding the MUDO Architects in Shanghai in 2018, and he is currently a founding partner and principal architect of the firm. During his 12-year career, Sun Shuli focuses mainly on large urban public architecture, including commercial/office/super high-rise buildings, etc. He advocates that the design needs to find the possibility of balance between the architectural form and its sociality, economy and cultural property, and this design thinking is also carried out in every project practice. He seeks to maximize the commercial value of space and efficient functional layout, and explores the feasibility of architectural aesthetics and spatial innovation, hoping to create surprising space and unforgettable scene experience in reasonable flow line to stimulate the vitality of the site and the positive correlation with the city. ""Explore surprises beyond reason and create unique experience"" is the design concept and practice methodology that Sun Shuli always adheres to. At present, he has more than 20 urban complexes/super high-rise projects completed or under construction. In addition to architectural practice, Sun Shuli also dedicates himself to curation and installation art design to explore diversified design boundaries. He has participated in Xintiandi Design Festival, Design Shanghai, Guangzhou Design Week and other activities for several times, and was invited to complete theme installation creation. At the same time, he established Heritage Shanghai in 2016, and has independently planned and completed many themed exhibitions, aiming to explore the urban architectural memory and planning changes.