2022 Winner

Mr Junhong Yuan

Title: Founder and Chief Architect
Company: Homme Architects
Design Philosophy:

Yuan Junhong is the founder and chief architect of HOMME ARCHITECTS, he has long been committed to the comprehensive exploration under high density urban development and the creative practice of rural China in an everyday context. He has presided over the design of a series of high-density comprehensive development projects, such as Shanghai Suhewan Center, Hefei Vanke Center, Changsha Changxiang Public Transportation and Medical Care Complex, and Nanchang Zhongyang Center. In recent years, he has also completed a series of cultural education and rural revitalization projects, such as Rural Lounge of Dabie Mountain, Longyou Xikou Town Rural Future Community, Hunan Yiyang Future Community, Hunan Jixing Middle School, Guangdong Xiqiao Mountain all-for-one tourism, etc., remaining active on the design front. Mr. Yuan attaches great importance to the attribute of social responsibility of architects. Unlike the developed urban areas, there are still many less developed towns and villages in China that need the help of architects. He advocates in particular that the business functions of rural buildings should not be limited to some single type, but must be suitable for the actual life style of villagers and demonstrate comprehensive functions. This may be in terms of time or space, or it may be composite superposition of usage frequencies. The Rural Lounge of Dabie Mountain is one of the representative rural stock asset renovation projects. The completion of the project helps the local government to effectively solve the problem of disposal of rural stock assets, and brings a direct impact on local villagers, related industries and production activities.