2022 Winner

Mr Zheyu Shi

Title: Design Director
Company: Lacime Architects
Design Philosophy:

Architecture never stands alone. So does the architectural thinking. Educated in both planning and architecture in mainland and abroad, I deeply believe that architecture can do more than the tangible form itself. Architecture should be attached to the ground, the environment and the people. I choose to be involved in projects from a variety of sectors which allowing myself to understand how a city or a rural area functioning and growing. I tend not to design the landmark but a piece of urban fabric which brings the synergy and integration in both built and unbuilt area. For I want my process of work creating “honest building”, a better outcome of its typology, simple but stand out. I believe that if architects can faithfully and intellectually putting ideas in every design decision moment, keep challenging on the conventional wisdom, our city and rural area will be improved dramatically. My design process will not stop at the time of deliver. Architects should continue output knowledge and thinking through the lifespan of the building. By keeping contacts with the users and visitors of the architectures I designed, I can find more chances to make the building to be better understood and provide suitable modification when it is needed. I am glad that I could test the idea step by step on projects through multi-scale and multi-sector design perspective. Apart from the architectural work on drawings and sites, I am also involved in vernacular association of Chinese architectural academy organizations, kept provocate the ideas and debates on sustainability of local architectural thinking and continuity of urban community. I think both my believes in architecture and the broadened perspective of my working scope that I stated above could put me one of 40 under 40 winners this year.