2022 Winner

Ms Maggy Cheung

Title: Art Director
Company: Grande Interior Design
Design Philosophy:

From Maggy’s usual practice in space planning and design, her style can be defined as “a mixture of elegance and minimalism”. She is passionate about beautiful things and aesthetics and she thought that a good space design should merge functionality and aesthetics at the same time, so her design style is mostly focusing a lot on some bespoke details and layerings such as natural materials, metal and bronze and classical linings in relatively light-colored design to create a space which is really feel-like-home. Maggy managed to keep both her and the client’s design in order to deliver a truly personalized home space that can be the most suitable for the family to cope with her daily routine and needs as the main focus to replan a home design, she is capable to manage and deliver efficient design to the clients from small to big scales with her solid professional knowledge and in-hand experience. Also, to take responsibility for sustainability, she will keep some of the original materials and initial layout in order to reduce industrial waste while doing this kind of large-scale residential renovation. Besides, some smart living designs like storage solutions and automatic devices can be seen in her design to execute the most convenient way for the clients in their livings.