2022 Winner

Mr Ching Kan Chan

Title: Design Director
Company: Aravia Design Limited
Design Philosophy:

Learning architecture is never about the absolute right or wrong. Building it exists a certain degree of ‘correctness’. I see architecture as an approach for ideological manifestation, as we understand from the history of making buildings; it is a journey to achieve ‘betterment’ and transcend ‘correctness’. I have taken an alternative journey to be an architect, as a means to understand social life through architecture. While technicality and practically is the foundation, the beauty comes from not only aesthetics and perfection but also everyday life and experience of living. The history of architecture not only tells the story of mankind but also the belief in existence. It is the faith in architecture that has enlightened me to believe the practice of architecture is a means to translate and transcend the secular into physical dimension. The years of practice in delivering mix-use developments brought me to understand the dynamics of socio-economical impact architecture can bring. It was a practice in seeking meanings and impact of architecture about social life in physical dimension. I brought the experience to Africa, as a means to understand the extend of power architecture could bring in different economical and cultural circumstances. Though circumstantially, we behave differently; as human, we all live and socialise similarly despite the socio-cultural context. The same applies to the practice and function of architecture. My life has been devoted to learning about the meaning of social life and how to localise global experience for betterment, as a way to keep up globalisation vernacularly. I believe betterment can be achieved by embracing diversity. With a hope to demonstrate what citizen from our global township can achieve and sustain in long run, I have tried to lead by example, in my own practice and teaching, and demonstrate success by the accolade of WAF and life-long learning.