2022 Winner

Ms Yunxue Li

Title: Associate Director
Company: QUAD studio
Design Philosophy:

At the age of 16, I experienced my first step in the architecture area. From that one, I have deeply enjoyed what I have accepted and researched. By learning deeper, I don’t see myself as only an architect but rather an artisan of design. I believe that an architect could not only be an architect. With my living and education background in China, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Portugal, I grew up learning and working with diverse designers from various places around the planet. Design is in every part of my life. I believe design is a way of expressing myself without talking - a way to offer the most suitable option. Why me With my belief, I’m never afraid of jumping out of my comfort zone, and I always tell myself to try to turn a new challenging zone into a comfortable zone. Within about 17 years of education and work experience, I have had: full-time architect learning; a 2-year gap in an architect office during study time; learned from and cooperated with great architects such as Zaha Hadid, Wolf D. Prix, and Renzo Piano; have some publications about BIM technology; have my own design company, and successfully get investment; and now an associate director at Quad, a core member of our company, and leader of the Chengdu office. During these years, my works span from human-scale product design, architecture and interior parts of single-family houses, office headquarters, big multifunctional buildings, to city-scale landscape design. As an artisan of design, with my great passion for architecture, interiors, graphic design, and visualization, and at the same time being able to marry my creativity with my vast knowledge in the science of BIM, I manage to create bespoken bonding with clients, in pursuance for the most suitable solutions to every project.