2022 Winner

Mr Gary Xiong

Title: Director
Company: CAN Design Limited
Design Philosophy:

Gary is a design and quality-focused professional passionate about problem-solving. In 2020, Gary left Benoy and co-manages CAN, a brand-new young and energetic architectural design firm in Hong Kong. As Director at CAN, Gary skillfully manages budgets, challenging project timelines, and project design, as well as daily operations and human resources, to ensure the robust growth of the studio. Over the past two years, the firm has expanded from a group of 10 to 60 creative minds. With his aptitude for creative thinking and over 15 years of experience, Gary has tackled a variety of complex mixed-use, transit-oriented developments, renovation, offices, residential and towers, and retail projects across the Asia Pacific region. He has overseen numerous design and delivery teams, coordinating with the client and construction teams for the initial design competition to completion. His extensive and profound design and project management expertise add valuable experience in a wide range of projects on various scales. Gary places human experience and well-being at the core of his designs, which aim to celebrate the local uniqueness and individuality beyond aesthetics. He always challenges himself and encourages the team to think beyond geometry and think outside the box while maintaining a high quality of project delivery. He seeks to actively cultivate long-lasting relationships with clients and ensure successful project outcomes for diverse stakeholders. Gary brings his passion for problem-solving, dedicated management expertise, and design innovation to all his projects. He leads a multi-disciplinary team that applies design thinking through a human-centric and innovative lens to create built environments that inspire community interaction and fulfillment. Gary is often recognized for his collaborative approach in tackling complex design issues. He has fostered the firm culture, empowering staff to innovate and identify strategic opportunities and elevate the human experience.