2022 Winner

Mr Hoi Fo, Jacky Cheung

Title: Director
Company: Thomas Chow Architects Ltd.
Design Philosophy:

“Architecture is about trying to make the world a little more like our dreams” Bjarke Ingels, BIG Architect After 12+ years of my architectural design practices, as chief architect in one of the biggest local firm (Ronald Lu & Partners); and currently as a Director of an award-winning firm (Thomas Chow Architects), I started to realize the boundary of our architectural eco-system in HK; and it is time to go for a breakthrough in my career. I’m hoping to contribute and make a way in improving our architectural eco-system; changing the mind how people see architecture:- 1. Architecture is not only a tool for profit-making; It is a combination of art and science, trying to make the World a little more like our dreams; 2. Architects could bring life to new ideas that previously seemed impossible; creating possibilities for human-lives; 3. HK has its own unique multiple driving-forces (regulatory/ political/ economical/ social/ environmental, etc.) that disables architects to make sure the buildings fit the way we want to live our lives; 4. To improve and re-define the architectural eco-system in HK; the way we build our Architecture/City. By understanding how conflicts of society become the main ingredients in the analytic work of creating nowadays architecture; and instead of looking at the conflicts of a given project as constraints or limitations, architects should find a way to incorporate and integrate the differences, not through compromise, but by turning conflicting interests into new ideas. It is how architects make the world fit to the way people wish to live. I believe, the reunion and collaboration of architectural design practitioners, especially the younger talents, will be definitely a key to success in our industry. We can all together, shape the World as we know it, and as everybody want to lives.