2022 Winner

Ms Li Zhou

Title: Associate Director
Company: AECOM
Design Philosophy:

In my design philosophy, no building exists in isolation. The interaction with the surrounding environment is emphasized in the design, and the change of the spirit of the place brought by the new building is the relationship that I focus on in the design. I think the greatest value in the city should be reflected in the high-quality public space. Any newly built building should encourage and guide people to use the part of the public space. To integrate the public space into the city is to make the building a part of the city. An important part of. I especially agree with the view that ""architecture is a vessel"", so in my design I am more concerned with the ""empty"" part. How to make this part of ""empty"" flow to show the vitality of an architectural work is the part I care most about. This part of the spatial quality of ""emptiness"" also brings different place spirits and site characteristics to each building. I think it is very valuable that I can keep practicing my design philosophy in my work before the age of 40, so it is enough to gain ""40 under 40"".